May 26, 2024  
Student Handbook 
Student Handbook

General Intramural Regulations


  1. A student currently enrolled for three or more semester hours in Howard College is automatically eligible to participate in the intramural program providing that he complies with the specific eligibility rules stated elsewhere in these regulations. An eligible student shall retain that status until he withdraws from the college, is dropped from the rolls of the college or fails to register for a succeeding semester.
  2. A student who, on the advice of a doctor, is forbidden to partic­ipate in the regular physical education program is ineligible for intramural participation.
  3. A student assigned to a modified program of physical education may participate only in those intramural activities meeting the restrictions of the modified program.
  4. Students who are members of Howard College intercollegiate squads will be eligible for intramural competition in sports other than the intercollegiate sport in which the student participates. Example: members of the Howard College basketball teams cannot participate in intramural basketball, but the students can participate in all other intramural activities.
  5. A student who has participated in a professional sport is not eligible to participate in that intramural sport.
  6. A student listed as a member on a team roster is ineligible to participate in a play‑off unless he participated in league play.
  7. A student who participates in an intramural contest under an assumed name will become ineligible for all intramural competition for the remainder of the year.
  8. The Intramural Official is responsible for checking and verifying the eligibility of intramural participants, if a question should arise.


  1. The Intramural Official is responsible for the scheduling of all activities.
  2. The Intramural Official shall be the judge of factors leading to the postponement of a contest.
  • Inclement weather conditions and conflicts with major college functions are examples of causes for postponement of intramural contests.
  • A scheduled contest may not be postponed merely by the mutual agreement of the contestants.
  • The absence of a team player or players is not an acceptable cause for postponement of a scheduled contest.


  1. Each intramural activity will have a starting time deadline stated in the rules. Any individual (in an individual sport) or team failing to meet this deadline will be charged with a forfeit.
  2. Forfeited contests will not be rescheduled.
  3. Teams that forfeit two contests will be dropped from play.
  4. Any team using an ineligible player will forfeit all contests in which that player participated.


  1. Protests shall be judged by an Intramural Council.
  2. Protests regarding problems of player eligibility must be made in writing and submitted to the Intramural Official within 24 hours after the contest in question.
  3. A protest arising out of the interpretation of the game rules must first be stated on the field of play, during the game. A formal protest must be made to the Intramural Official within 24 hours of the conclusion of the contest in question.
  4. Under no circumstances shall an official’s judgment call be grounds for protest.

Intramural Council

  1. The membership of the Intramural Council shall consist of three students from the Student Government Association, three faculty members, and the Intramural Official as chairman. Each campus will have a council.
  2. The function of the Intramural Council is to resolve protest cases and assist in formulating intramural policies.

Code of Conduct

  1. The regulations relating to the intramural program are made with the view of protecting not only the best interests of the individual but also the general welfare of all participants. Students are expected to take part in the program under a code of good sportsmanship and mature conduct that is in harmony with the standards of the college.
  2. A student participant who is ejected from a game for misconduct will go before the Intramural Council, and may face probation or suspension in that and/or other sports.
  3. Participants involved in fights, which cause them to be ejected from a contest, will go before the Intramural Council. The students may also be referred to the judicial officer for disciplinary action.