Jun 14, 2024  
Student Handbook 
Student Handbook

General Policy

A college, like any community, must have regulations by which its members abide and procedures by which its organizations function. The standards should provide order and an atmosphere conducive to intellectual and personal development. The policies and procedures outlined in the handbook, for students, is intended to serve the purpose which is in the interest of all segments of Howard College. These policies and procedures apply to students at all Howard College locations, including students taking online or distance learning courses.

The college has a responsibility to maintain order within the college community and to discipline those who violate its rules and policies. Enrollment requires students to share this responsibility. Students agree to abide by the standards, rules and/or policies in this handbook, the Howard College Catalog, and other official college publications, as well as the Texas Education Code. Registered campus organizations also agree to follow all these rules and regulations. The college or its representative may amend this document at any time without notice.

Students may have to take part in annual programming and/or training designed to reinforce policies and procedures and to promote a safe and healthy learning environment. Students who do not complete the mandatory training will be subject to disciplinary action as described in the Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process section of this handbook.

Disciplinary Authority

The authority to enact and enforce regulations of the college is vested in the Board of Trustees. The responsibility for enforcing regulations and imposing penalties is delegated to the President and any college official(s) the President may designate. The office of the Executive Vice President is the principle agency for the administration of student discipline and the judicial officer on the Big Spring, San Angelo, Lamesa, and SWCD campuses shall implement student discipline procedures. All references to the President of the college, the Executive Vice President, or the judicial officer on each campus shall also be interpreted to include persons designated to act on behalf of these officials.

Policy on Non-Discrimination

It is the intent of the Howard County Junior College District not to discriminate nor tolerate discrimination or harassment against any legally protected category, class, characteristic, or on the basis of any other legally protected status in any of its policies , procedures, and processes. The following position has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Chief Human Resources Officer, 1001 Birdwell Lane, Big Spring, TX 79720 (432) 264-5100.

College Name, Document, and Records

The use of the college’s name by any person or organization in connection with any program or activity or any unauthorized use of college documents, records, or seal is prohibited without the prior written permission from the office of the Executive Vice President.