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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Drama, AA

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  • Core Curriculum  42 semester hours
  • English (in addition to English courses taken to fulfill core curriculum requirements) 6 semester hours
  • Electives 6 semester hours 1
  • Computer Science 3 semester hours 2
  • Science Labs 2 semester hours 3
  • Learning Framework (EDUC  / PSYC 1100 ) OR Physical Education Course 1 semester hour 4

Total: 60 Hours

1 Students are encouraged to select courses from their chosen area of study.  Electives should be selected from academic transfer courses.  Workforce education courses may be taken if approved by an advisor.  Electives may include Physical Education courses as approved by advisor.
2 The Computer Science requirement may be replaced by an elective course if the student meets one of the following:

  1. A student passed a high school computer course within five years of enrollment (students may be required to provide course description from high school).
  2. A student has documentation of computer proficiency from another college or institution.
  3. A student passes a Howard College/SWCID computer proficiency exam (see Admissions Office for more information).
  4. Proficiency is demonstrated by successful completion (grade of C or better) of a college course with a significant computer component as determined by college advisor, course syllabus, and/or course instructor (students may be required to provide course syllabus and/or course description) with final approval by the campus instructional dean.

3 All Life & Physical Science lecture courses have corresponding lab sections as co-requisite requirements.  Permission to waive the lab requirement may be granted by an advisor only if evidence is presented to demonstrate that the lab sections do not meet degree requirements at the college or university to which a student is transferring.  If the co-requisite lab requirement is waived, additional elective credit hours must be completed in order to meet the 60 SCH graduation requirement.

4 All students are encouraged to complete this course during the first semester of enrollment.  All first time in college students that take one or more college preparatory courses will be required to take Learning Framework the first long semester they are enrolled.  Students with proven success in college-level course work who do not wish to take Learning Framework may enroll in a Physical Education course with approval from an advisor.  Students placed on Scholastic Probation will be required to enroll in Learning Framework the next semester of enrollment (if they have not already successfully completed the course).

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