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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Tuition and Fixed Fees

The following tuition rates will be charged each semester. These rates apply to courses taken for credit and for audit. TUITION AND ALL FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF NECESSARY TO COMPLY WITH NEW STATE LAWS AND BOARD POLICY.

In-District (Howard County Residents)
$67 per semester hour with a base amount of $150. Qualified Texas Deaf residents shall be exempt from tuition fees beginning with the fall semester of 1995 as documented.

Out-of-District (Texas Residents)
$112 per semester hour with a base amount of $180. In order to establish in-district residency, a student must have been a resident of Texas for twelve consecutive months immediately prior to enrollment, including six months as a resident in Howard County. Moving into the Howard County Junior College District for the specific purpose of enrolling in Howard College or SWCID does not establish legal residence in the district.

Non-Resident (Out of State and International)
Howard College - $159 per semester hour with a base amount of $200
SWCID - $458 per semester hour, no base, based on State Law 131.005.

Non-State Funded Course Fee
A charge of $70 per credit hour will be added to the tuition charged for courses that do not qualify for state funding, including but not limited to the following conditions:

  1. A student’s third attempt or more at the same course.
  2. A student taking a developmental course who has exceeded 27 semester credit hours of developmental course work.
  3. Any other circumstances for which state funding is not received.

Building Charge
$80 per semester - Big Spring, Lamesa, and SWCID
$200 per semester - San Angelo

Student Services Fee
$25 beginning at 6 semester credit hours, up to and including 11 hours.  $45 beginning at 12 semester credit hours.

Senior Citizens
If space is available at the close of regular registration, students age 65 and older may enroll for up to six hours of courses each semester and/or summer term without payment of tuition. All fees will be charged. If space is available at the close of regular registration, students age 65 and older may audit any course(s) at no charge. This exemption will only be honored upon request in person. Registration must be completed on site each registration period. This exemption does not apply to programs with limited enrollment and/or competitive selection.

The GoPrint system is used for tracking and charging for printing on network printers. Each semester stands as a separate term (fall, spring, summer I and summer II). GoPrint accounts are reset to a $2.50 balance at the beginning of each semester (equivalent to 50 pages single sided black and white printing).
Charges are levied as follows:

  • 5 cents per page for single sided black and white
  • 7 cents per page for duplex black and white
  • 50 cents per page for single sided color

No refunds will be given for balances remaining on GoPrint accounts at the end of the semester. GoPrint accounts may be recharged at the business office on each campus during normal college business hours.

Cost Reduction

  1. Certain fees or other costs may be reduced or waived by the college President or designee for students who are enrolled in classes taken in facilities provided for the purpose of instruction when these locations are located in the college’s service area or have been approved by the Board of Trustees.
  2. Certain costs are reduced for concurrently enrolled high school students and for inmates at correctional facilities enrolled in academic courses. The base tuition for high school students enrolled in academic transfer courses is $50 for in-district, $100 for out-of-district, and $140 for non-resident students. Hourly tuition is $48 for in-district, $60 for out-of-district and $82 for non-resident. Fees are waived.
  3. The tuition rate for high school students concurrently enrolled in Workforce Education courses is $0. Students may be responsible for certain course or program costs such as insurance, licensure requirements, testing, certification, equipment, etc.