May 26, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

General Financial Information

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Special Courses
The college reserves the right to set appropriate fees and special tuition for any special courses that may be offered after publication of this catalog.

Financial Obligations
Students are responsible for all financial obligations due to Howard College / SWCD.  Students cannot receive an official transcript from Howard College / SWCD until all financial obligations to the college have been cleared. Registration is not complete until all accounts for the semester are paid and/or proper financial arrangements are made. Unpaid financial obligations may result in dismissal from the college. Students with outstanding financial obligations to the college will not be allowed to re-enroll until these obligations are cleared. Students who have outstanding financial obligations to the college may be allowed to enroll for workforce training and continuing education classes when these classes are required by and/or paid for by an employer or third party. In these cases, transcripts will not be issued to the student; however evidence of completion of the course will be provided to the employer. Unpaid balances may result in referral for collection and the student will be responsible for all collection costs.

A period will be set aside each term or semester to permit students to register. All tuition and fees will be paid at this time. It is the responsibility of a student on financial aid and/or scholarship(s) to confirm with the Business Office that all tuition and fees are paid.

Course Change
A fee of $10.00 is charged for each course change. This fee will not be charged to any student who changes their courses through the on-line system.

Admittance to Class
Students will not be allowed to attend classes until all tuition and fees have been paid.

Bookstore Refunds
Bookstore refunds will adhere to the posted policy provided by the bookstore contractor.

Check Identification Requirement
Personal checks written to Howard College/SWCD will have the issuer’s date of birth and/or valid driver’s license number written on the check. If the student prefers not to have the date of birth or driver’s license number written on the check, the student must pay with cash, cashier’s check, money order, or credit/debit card.

Returned Checks
A processing fee will be assessed any person who writes a check to the college that will not clear the bank for any reason other than bank error. The fee will be equal to that charged by the county attorney’s office for returned checks. A hold will be placed on all records until the financial obligation to the college is cleared. The issuer of the check will be notified in writing of the insufficient status. Failure to comply within the specified time limit will result in the check being turned over to the appropriate outside agency for collection and additional fees may be incurred. The college will not accept checks from anyone who has had more than two returned checks.

Installment Payment Plan
Howard College/SWCD offers installment contracts for the payment of tuition/fees and/or room/board for Fall and Spring semesters.

  • The plan is offered through Nelnet Business Solutions and must be executed on-line.
  • During the Fall and Spring semesters payments are offered at one-half of the tuition and fees must be paid before the start of the semester with two equal payments remaining.
  • During the Summer semester payment plans are offered depending on the date of enrollment in the payment plan so that tuition and fees will be paid at the beginning of the semester.
  • An enrollment fee of $30.00 will be charged per agreement period (semester).
  • A student who fails to make full payment of tuition and fees, including any incidental fees, by the due date may be prohibited from registering for future classes until full payment is made.
  • A student who fails to make payment before the end of the semester will not be issued a transcript or grade report until full payment is made.
  • If the account is submitted for collection, the cost of collection will be the student’s responsibility.

Time Frame for Returning Unclaimed Title IV Funds

The school must return to the Department of Education any Title IV funds that it attempts to disburse directly to a student that are not received by the student. If the business office attempts to disburse an Electronic Fund transfer (EFT) to a student’s financial account and is rejected, or a check to a student is not cashed or is returned, a school may make additional attempts to disburse the funds.  In cases where the school is unable to make another attempt, the school will be required to cease all attempts to disburse the funds and return them to the Department of Education.