Mar 24, 2023  
2021-2022 Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Student Handbook

Use of College Space, Vehicles, Facilities and Amplification Equipment

General Policy

  1. The facilities, space, and vehicles of the college are intended primarily for the support of the ongoing instructional programs of the institution.
  2. Second priority is given to programs sponsored and conducted by college academic and administrative departments or organizations which are affiliated with such departments.
  3. Beyond these two priorities, use of campus space, vehicles, and facilities is permitted and encouraged for activities which are intended to serve or benefit the Howard College communities and which are sponsored by registered student organizations.
  4. The use of buildings and grounds must at all times conform to these regulations and to local, state, and federal law.

Facilities Reservations Requirements for the Community

Reservations must be made for the use of buildings and grounds under the control of the college.  Requests for reservations will be granted according to the priorities of the designated area.  Request must be made to the appropriate office for assistance and/or for scheduling information.

  1. Howard College Big Spring campus, contact the Dean of Student’s office.
  2. San Angelo campus, contact the site administrator’s office.
  3. SWCD campus, contact the Student Services office.
  4. Lamesa campus, contact the campus Director.

A department, student, registered organization, or community member may not reserve space or facilities on campus and then permit it to be used by another organization or person.

Payment for the facilities and for special services will be arranged when the reservation is confirmed. The prepayment is refundable if notice of cancellation is received in writing 48 hours before the scheduled use.

Use of Facilities by Student Organizations

  1. Student organizations are required to be registered with the Student Services Office in order to use college facilities or grounds.
  2. A student organization, which has petitioned the Student Services Office for registration status may hold up to three meetings in the Dora Roberts Student Union Building or Recreation Hall pending action on its petition by the Student Services Office. However, no other campus facilities or space may be reserved by “petitioning” student organizations.
  3. Howard College student organizations must first file a written request, signed by the president of the club and the faculty advisor, with the Student Services Office. Upon approval of the request, the club must then take a copy of the request to the appropriate office. If there are no conflicts, the event will then be placed on the official college calendar.

Procedures and Priorities for Designated Facilities

General Use-Student Buildings
Priority for use of space in student areas is given to the general student needs of the college. Secondary priority is given to registered organizations. Reservations must be made with the respective Student Services Office.

Academic Buildings

  1. Any registered student organization affiliated with, and sponsored by, an academic department may request the use of space in academic buildings for specific purposes. These purposes may include, but are not limited to, regular meetings of honorary or professional organizations; lectures, seminars, or workshops; and special programs and functions. The space must be reserved through the appropriate site administrator. All space assignments are made on the basis of use consistent with the purposes of the college and of available space. No space assignments will be made during final examination periods. Academic use by departments has priority over other uses, and organizational assignments may be changed or canceled if conflicts with regular academic programs develop.
  2. Registered student organizations not affiliated with, or sponsored by, an academic department may request the use of space in academic facilities. This space will be assigned on a “limited” basis under the following conditions:
  • No suitable space is available in other student areas.
  • The intended use is in keeping with the educational purposes of the college.
  • The intended use does not conflict with use by academic programs or academic organizations.
  • The intended use does not conflict with normal security and maintenance schedule.

Residence Hall
Residents of the halls have priority for all residence hall facilities. Regularly enrolled students and registered student organizations have second priority for all residence hall facilities. Facilities may also be provided for individuals or groups whose activities are sponsored by, or affiliated with, a college organization. College departments or registered student organizations are permitted to use residence hall facilities during the summer for workshops, institutes, short courses, and conferences. Requests for the use of residence hall space must be made to the Student Services Office.

Intercollegiate Athletic Facilities in Big Spring
The Dorothy Garrett Coliseum, the baseball field, softball field and athletic practice fields are maintained by the college for the primary use, and benefit of, the intercollegiate and intramural athletic programs of the college, of allied non‑college athletic activities consistent with such programs, and of official academic events of the college. The use of these facilities shall be limited to these purposes unless otherwise authorized by the Chief Operations and Athletic Director. Requests for use of all intercollegiate athletic facilities must be made to the Chief Operations and Athletic Director.

Recreation Facilities
At Howard College Big Spring, the Harold Davis Fitness Center, Memorial Stadium, recreational fields, and racquetball courts are intended primarily for student instructional and recreational use on an organized group and individual basis. The athletic department is responsible for scheduling the use of the recreational fields and racquetball courts. Racquetball courts may be reserved by contacting the athletic department. The Memorial Stadium is scheduled by the Big Spring Independent School District. The Harold Davis Fitness Center is scheduled by the Director of the Fitness Center. The SWCD Student Center is intended primarily for student recreational use.  The SWCD Student Services Office is responsible for scheduling this facility.

Campus Grounds Use

  1. Selected grounds areas (other than those described above) are available for activities which are sponsored and approved by college departments, registered student organizations, or individual students and employees. Academic use by departments has priority, and assignments may be changed or canceled if conflicts with regular academic programs develop.
  2. Students or organizations desiring to use campus grounds must register for grounds use in the Student Services Office. No recurring use assignments shall be made.
  3. Registration for use of a designated campus grounds area must be made in the Student Services Office at least two (2) college working days prior to the intended use.
  4. The respective site Student Services Officials are responsible for certifying the registered use of campus grounds. Student Services will review the registration, and, if necessary, meet with the individual or a representative of the organization requesting the use to resolve questions concerning the request.
  5. Upon review of the registration request, the Student Services Office shall only grant grounds‑use requests which are consistent with all applicable college regulations as well as with local, state, and federal law.
  6. A permit granting grounds use shall specify the boundaries of the area to be used, the date for which the use is approved, the time at which the reservation for the use expires, and any special provisions concerning the use of the space.
  7. Students or organizations using a designated area are subject to the following requirements:

a.  Use of amplification equipment must be in accordance with regulations (see Use of Amplification Equipment portion of this Student Handbook).

b. No structure may be erected on campus grounds without prior written approval. The approval must be secured at the time the activity is registered.

  1. The failure of a student or organization to provide the Student Services Office with notice of cancellation of a proposed activity or event at least two (2) college working days prior to the scheduled activity or event, may result in the denial of a future permit for that student organization. Denials of permit pursuant to this provision may be appealed in accordance with the procedures. (See Appeals of Grounds Use Request Denials in portion of this Student Handbook).
  2. Violations of these campus grounds‑use regulations are subject to the disciplinary penalties and procedures outlined in the Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process .

Appeals of Campus Grounds Use Request Denials

Students, employees and organizations whose requests for use of campus grounds are denied may appeal the decision to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

The appeal must be made in writing and state the specific reason(s) the individual or organization disagrees with the decision. The appeal should include all information the individual or organization believes will assist the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs in deciding the matter.

The Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs will issue a decision on the appeal within three business days of its receipt. The decision is final.

Use of Amplification Equipment

Permission for Use

  • The use of loudspeakers or any other type of amplification equipment or amplified musical instruments on the college grounds is by permission only.


  • Applications for permission to use amplification equip­ment must be made in the Student Services Office on forms provided by the office.
  • Applications must be completed within two (2) college working days before the intended use in order to receive full consideration.


  • The use of amplification equipment for solicitation purposes must conform to all campus grounds‑use provisions specified in this part.
  • Sound equipment must not disrupt activities in the residence halls.
  • Outdoor dances may be held in approved locations only with prior approval by the judicial officer and must terminate no later than 12:00 a.m. Bands may use their own sound equipment for such dances. Other special events such as pep rallies, ceremonies, or recreational activities which include the use of bands and/or amplification equipment may be held in approved locations only with prior approval of the Student Services Office.
  • Amplification will not be approved for any time period during the seven calendar days preceding the final week of each fall and spring semester.
  • Amplification in the designated areas cannot exceed 92 decibels on the “A” scale at 50 feet from the source of amplification.

Academic Use

  • The appropriate use of loudspeakers or other types of amplification equipment for official activities inside academic buildings, or on the campus as part of the academic instructional program, is determined and approved by the judicial officer.

Use of College Vehicles

The use of college vehicles is by permission only.


  • Applications for permission to use college vehicles must be made at the appropriate campus administrator’s office. The appropriate forms are provided by these offices.
  •  Applications should be made by the club sponsor as soon as possible since there are a limited number of vehicles.
  • Liability release forms for each student traveler must be completed. These forms are available in the Student Services office. The college will assume no legal responsibility for students or groups using their own or any other transportation.


  • Sponsors are requested to drive vehicles being used for student travel.
  • In those rare cases where it is necessary for students to drive college vehicles, the following procedures must be followed:
    • The sponsor must submit the name(s), driver’s license number, birth date, and specific driving task of those students who will be driving a college vehicle to the appropriate campus administrator’s office three weeks in advance of the planned activity for verification of the driving record.
    • The information will be submitted to the state motor vehicle department. The appropriate department or organization will be billed at the current rate for the cost of this investigation.
  •  If approved, the student’s name will be filed with the appropriate information. If disapproved, the student will not be allowed to drive a college vehicle.

Students who leave the campus on a college‑sponsored trip in a college vehicle are expected to return with the traveling group. College liability insurance does not extend to the use of any private vehicle.  When a private vehicle is utilized the liability is owned by the vehicle owner and/or driver. Before being authorized to drive a fifteen (15) passenger van drivers must attend training that is provided by the college. All passengers in college vehicles must utilize seat belts when the vehicle is moving.